Your one stop place for all your design and corporate branding needs

A comprehensive design package for start-up businesses usually begins with a logo design, business cards and relevant stationary combined with a website.  We will work closely within your marketing budget.

Alternatively, you could be in need of only one of the components, such as a website. Therefore different packages are availabe which will be designed around your specific needs. You are welcome to contact me for a quote.


Logo Design

A logo is the cental identifiable visuall element that helps customers remember a company by its brand logo and visually describes what a business does or wants to tell it’s customers.  Eventually it becomes a trademark.  The visual effect therefore needs to sell within seconds.  

My aim is to create a trademark/symbol that will distinguish yours from the rest and can be easily applied on any kind of marketing material, be it business stationary, corporate clothing, a production label, etc.    It will be the start of branding and establishing a corporate identiy for your business.  My approach to logo design involves a lot of research into the graphic landscape of your business.  I value your personal insight as an important part of the process and therefore we will work close together closely together to design the perfect mark.  

Sometimes your logo might need a bit of modernisation – my approach is to stay with a familiar part of the existing one and work from there to modernise it. 


Web Design

We will work closely togehter to design and develop a site that represent your business in the best light, functions well and allows you customers to get the information they need quickly and efficiently.  This the design itself will have the necessary visual appeal to enhance your business brand.  It should be easy to navigate, all links function well and customers should not get confused by the layout.  We will also discuss whether you are in need of a web site, blog, or and e commerce site.  All new website will be compatible and responsive to mobile devices.  

I can also redesign your existing website to conform with modern standards to make it compatible with mobile decices.  Keeping your site update is no problem as I can either do the update for you or alternatively I can design your website so can update it yourself.  This option will be included in your package.  

Sites and Blogs designing will be done either through WordPress, Wix or Blogger.



Social Media Marketing

The concept of viral marketing is now a vital part of your marketing strategy.  I will create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ page, according to your needs and your specific business model.  I will also assist with suggestions about how to stay interactive with your audience.